Mission Statement

Our Mission

We all lead demanding lives that inflict stress on both our minds and bodies. Across all ages and occupations, people seek more energy and focus, cognitive resilience, and more relaxation and sleep. At Lifestacks, our mission is to cultivate optimal mental states grounded in the best available scientific research.

Why We're Here

Our motivation for building Lifestacks was simple. When we looked at the nootropics industry, we saw smart branding, not smart products. We wanted to create a comprehensive and modular approach to mind-body optimization, with a plethora of potent ingredients dosed at active amounts, all in just 1-3 capsules.

What We Do

We’re proud of our first round of supplements. Lifestacks uses CBD and other well-researched ingredients to deliver immediate improvements in memory, mood, and cognition while promoting long term health. Thousands of studies support the relationships between our formulations and our goals. If that sounds too good to be true, check out our ingredients page and the research we cite.

What We Don’t Do

At Lifestacks, we’re making supplements, not substitutes. We are not a cure-all, and our brain health supplements are just one part of the lifestyle that maximize your healthspan. The other pillars of that lifestyle are diet, exercise, sleep, and fruitful relationships. Think of Lifestacks as your newest teammate...we’re at your service!

What You Can Do

Start optimizing your health with Lifestacks! Please visit our Conctact Us page with any inquiries or suggestions. We are always trying to improve our products so please reach out!